Providers of Integrated Support Services

Providers of Integrated Support Services
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Suite 100
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ITS-PALSS is a collaborative practice of highly skilled psychologists and special educators committed to supporting children; adolescents; adults; and families. ITS-PALSS utilizes a flexible assessment approach to identify each client’s unique strengths and needs and then engages with clients to nurture positive growth and development. Our Psychologists provide treatment services including individual; family; and couples therapy as well as parent and school consultation. Our Special Educators offer a broad range of services to support all aspects of learning including school planning; tutoring; and advocacy. Please see Services for more details on all psychological and special education services offered. When needed; our professionals have the capacity to collaborate closely with providers at ITS-DTS (speech/language and occupational therapy); ITS-ICAP (infant; child; adolescent psychiatry); or other providers in the community. We work as a team of independently practicing professionals who share certain expenses and administrative functions; while the members share a name and office space. Each provider is completely independent in providing clinical and educational services and is fully responsible for those services. Each provider maintains independent private records.