HELPLINE NUMBER: (443) 330-5341

Board of Directors

B.J. Surhoff
President, Pathfinders for Autism

Alisa Rock
Vice President, Pathfinders for Autism

Carin Lazarus
Vice President, Pathfinders for Autism
President and CEO, Media Star Promotions

Bruce L. Schindler
Treasurer, Pathfinders for Autism
President, Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln

Rebecca Faye Smith Galli
Secretary, Pathfinders for Autism
Freelance Writer

Matthew Birkelien
Chief Financial Officer, First Financial Federal Credit Union of Maryland

Linda Carter-Ferrier

H. Bradley Donovan
G. Weiss Associates, NY

Michael R. Ford
Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Gus Kalaris
Founder and Owner, Constantine Wines, Axios Wine, Kalaris Family Vineyards

John W. Kamauff
Kamcomp Associates

Rick Opfer
Founder and Owner, Opfer Auctioneers

Helen Shafer
Founder and President, The Shafer Center

Michael Shelah
Founder, Mike Shelah Consulting

Polly Winde Surhoff

Alicia Wopat

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