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Housing: Assisting Persons with Disabilities to Purchase a Home of their Own

By Joe Wykowski, Housing Consultant

Individuals experiencing a disability desire to own a home for the same reasons most first time home buyers choose to own a home, safety, security, asset and the additional opportunity of creating long term accessibility options.

In the recent past iniatives such as (CHANCE) The Center for Housing and New Community Economics have demonstrated that thousands of individuals with disabilities have been able to purchase a home of their own regardless of disability. This opportunity has been demonstrated across various states and across disability.

Most barriers encountered to successful homeownership have been related to economic opportunity and not disability. In fact, the obstacles to purchasing a home for any first time homebuyer are the same for individuals experiencing a disability.

Many of the same resources and approaches can be utilized to assist persons with a disability in purchasing a home. I have attempted to outline some additional items you will find helpful during your counseling activity.

Sections in this booklet include: Introduction, National Trends, Advantages, Down Payment Resources, Individual Planning, Individual Support, Visitability, Counseling Tips, Benefits, Credit and Budgeting, and Additional Resources.

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