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Learn how to be an advocate for your young adult

Learn about becoming an advocate at the systems level. Get involved with your local support group, your local Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee (SECAC), and other groups.

PFA Tips: Becoming an Advocate

Autism Speaks – Advocacy Tool Kit
The goal of this tool kit is to provide a basic knowledge of advocacy and negotiation skills. The kit will show how to apply these skills to different situations throughout the lifespan of an individual with autism. The information in this kit has been provided by experts in the field who have both professional and personal experience with advocacy and autism. Each section has been prepared by a different person or group of people whose expertise is in that specific area.

How do I find a national or local advocacy group?

Autism Society
Families can obtain support and share their experiences with others in their communities. Autism Society Chapters are an obvious place to turn for encouragement, accurate information and education.

Connect with people through online groups.

Yahoogroups and Facebook can be good places to start your search for online groups.

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