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Resources for Non-Maryland Residents

Pathfinders for Autism is a Maryland Resource Center, providing resource referrals to Maryland providers, offering news about autism events and trainings around the state, and hosting our own workshops. Aside from our trainings and workshops, most of the information we provide to families can be found on our website. While parts are Maryland specific, we do post articles and tips that could be helpful to families in all regions.

If you are looking for providers outside of Maryland, check the following resources:

Autism Speaks has some resources, and a searchable national provider database that you can access. They also have an Autism Response Team that can be contacted at 888-AUTISM2 (288-4762) or

Autism Source is an online database through the Autism Society of America. You may also want to contact a local Autism Society Chapter.

The AUTSPOT offers a national provider database, national calendar of events, an online community, inspirational stories, and an informational library.

The Arc and the Autism Society are joining forces on Autism NOW: The National Autism Information and Resource Center – a new and dynamic National Initiative of The Arc funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. The partnership includes participation on the National Advisory Committee and providing information and referral services through the Autism Society’s AutismSourceTM national contact center. The Autism Society’s chapter network will also be tapped to share information with the broader autism community about the Autism NOW Center’s activities and resources.

MyAutismTeam is the social network for parents of children with autism. Here you can share daily experiences & questions, and find recommendations of local autism specialists (from doctors and OTs, to barbers and dentists). MyAutismTeam helps you build up your team of autism providers who provide a range of services to help your child thrive.

State-Specific Resources (outside Maryland)

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