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What is Parents’ Place of Maryland?

The Parents’ Place is Maryland’s Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is a nonprofit organization that provides information to Maryland families of children with all disabilities and special health care needs. Parents’ Place also serves as the Family-to-Family Health Information Center. Individual assistance is provided over the phone and in-person to families who have questions about their child’s needs such as special education and health care access. Workshops for parents and professionals take place on an ongoing basis throughout Maryland. Resources such as information packets and fact sheets are available on a variety of relevant topics. Most Parents’ Place services are provided free of charge to Maryland families. The Parents’ Place receives funding from a variety of government, foundation, and private sources.

How do I contact Parents’ Place of Maryland?

On the web or 410-768-9100/1-800-394-5694.

What is Partners for Success?

Partners for Success Centers, established as part of each local school system in Maryland, have as their goal the provision of knowledge and the development of essential skills fundamental to parents and professionals working together as equal partners in the educational decision making process. Specifically, Partners for Success Centers seek to: increase parental involvement in the special education decision making process; provide information and resources about disabilities and community services; assist families in resolving concerns and to make informed decisions regarding their child’s education; and increase collaborative relationships through information and training.

How do I contact my local Partners for Success office?

Contact your County Public School System.

What is MSDE’s Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services?

The Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services collaborates with families, local early intervention systems, and local school systems to ensure that all children and youth with disabilities have access to appropriate services and educational opportunities to which they are entitled under federal and state laws; and assists local early intervention systems and local school systems to comply with federal and state regulations and to implement policies and procedures through grant funding, professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and monitoring.

How do I contact the MSDE Division of Special Education & Early Intervention Services?

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