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Understand matters of discipline including suspension and expulsion

What do I do if my child is suspended? (PDF)

Many of the procedures regarding discipline of students with disabilities are dependent on the length of a disciplinary removal. Schools have more flexibility when a student with a disability is removed for less than ten days. However, there are a number of requirements school staff must follow when a student is removed for more than ten consecutive or cumulative days in a school year.

What is a manifestation hearing? (PDF)

A manifestation hearing is a meeting to determine if the behavior(s) related to the suspension or expulsion is related to the disability. The student’s IEP team is responsible for making manifestation determinations if the student is suspended for more than 10 days in a school year; or is removed from school and requires a change in placement. A manifestation meeting may be held earlier.

Where can I learn more about discipline issues in school?

Request a copy of your county school’s student behavior handbook. Also request your county’s Board of Education Policy and Rule manual.

Discipline of Students with Disabilities (PDF)

Disciplinary Rules and Rights from The People’s Law Library of Maryland

School Disciplinary Procedure from The People’s Law Library of Maryland

School Handbooks (by county) from The People’s Law Library of Maryland

Types of Offenses from The People’s Law Library of Maryland

Strategies When Children Are Arrested for School-Related Behavior Problems

The School Discipline Process from The Maryland Disability Law Center

What do I do if my child has been improperly restrained or secluded at school?

The regulations state that exclusion, restraint, and seclusion may be used only after less restrictive or alternative approaches have been considered and attempted or determined not to be feasible. However, there are few things scarier to a parent than being called to a school only to discover their child locked in a seclusion room, or improperly restrained either by school personnel or mechanical devices. At that moment, a parent may feel a sense of panic, fear, anger or rage. However, in the best interest of your child, you need to think of those airline instructions, “If the emergency oxygen masks drop, place your mask before you assist with your child’s.” Take a deep breath to calm yourself first, and then follow these steps.

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