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Miscellaneous Medical and Health Resources

“Today I am going to have my blood drawn” story by HANS (Help Autism Now Society)

“Today I am going to see the doctor” story by HANS (Help Autism Now Society)

“My Medical Appointment” form (to be filled out prior to a medical appointment) helps the individual manage his health questions and instructions during the appointment.

The Guide to Getting and Using Your Health Records

20 Tips for Planning a Doctor’s Visit for your Child with Special Needs

Vision Exams for Individuals with Autism
A video and accompanying social narrative from Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network to help prepare individuals with autism for visits to the eye doctor.

Find a resource to help with your child’s health insurance coverage from The Catalyst Center

ExerciseBuddy – Visual Exercise System
ExerciseBuddy solves the difficult problem of introducing exercise to individuals with autism. Using best practice autism strategies, ExerciseBuddy inspires children and adults with autism to exercise without challenging parents, professionals, educators or caretakers.

The free apps CareZone and Capzule help you collect all your personal and family medical history into one place, along with medication information (CareZone allows you to easily scan your medicine bottles via your smartphone’s camera), medication reminders, input tracking information on things like blood pressure and blood glucose, a daily health diary, a journal to track how you’re feeling, and a list of questions to ask your doctor during your next visit.


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