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Visual Supports for Hospital and Doctor Visits

PECS symbols – common hospital terms

PECS hosptial symbols

Download PECS symbols – common hospital terms to print


PECS Symbols – I need help

PECS symbols - I neeed help

Download PECS Symbols – I need help to print


PECS Symbols – Doctor Checkup











LEGO Pain Assessment Tool










Download LEGO Pain Assessment Tool to print





FLACC Scale for Pain














Download the FLACC Scale to print


COVID Do You Feel Sick?





















Download the COVID Do You Feel Sick to print



What Hurts Communication Board

what hurts communication board

Order the What Hurts Communication Board from Creative Learning 4 Kidz


Comfort Positions for reducing anxiety during medical procedures











Download the Comfort Positions to print




What Hurts Self-Identification Tool

what hurts self identification tool

Download the What Hurts Self-Identification Tool to print

Pecs – I Am Sick






Download I Am Sick to print

Medical History








Download Medical History to print


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