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Military Families: Resources and Benefits

By Pathfinders for Autism

The following resources are specifically for Military Families.

PFA Tips: Military Life – Moving and Deployment

The Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) provides financial assistance for an integrated set of services and supplies to eligible active duty family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).

Child- Autism-Parent-Café – Military Children with Autism
The Military Children with Autism and Other Special Needs page offers information and resources for parents to learn more about how to get medical and special education services, community support, benefits and entitlements.

Operation Autism
An online resource guide for military families.

Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Military Families from the Organization for Autism Research

Wrightslaw – Military and Department of Defense (DOD) Special Education
The information on the Military and Department of Defense page describes various aspects of a military special education and the unique issues these children face, including frequent transfers in and out of schools with different levels of instructional programming, and the emotional issues that accompany the deployment of family members.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and local support groups have unified efforts to bring these resources to Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). EFMP sponsors Special Needs Networking and Support Groups on the third Wednesday of each Month. For further information, contact Nancy Goucher, EFMP, at 410-278-2420. For additional EFMP offices, visit our provider database and choose Provider Type: Support Groups.

AMFAS – American Military Families Autism Support
American Military Families Autism Support is the first national grassroots support effort specifically for military families dealing with autism spectrum disorder, by military families, providing news, information, community and support.

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