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Social Security and Housing

Understanding Supplemental Security Income – SSI Spotlight on Living Arrangements 2020 Edition

Where you live and who pays your living expenses will determine how much your SSI payment will be. If you live in someone else’s house and don’t pay for food or rent your SSI payments may be reduced. If you are homeless, you can receive SSI and may be able to get subsidized housing too.

How do I apply for SSI?

Try to schedule your interview with Social Security to take place immediately after your child turns 18. You may want to call before the child’s birthday, however the interview will not be able to take place until the child is 18. A person may not have more than $2000 in assets to be eligible for SSI. Adjustments may have to be made five years prior to age 18. Be sure to alert other family members not to give large gifts of money or stocks directly to your young adult directly or in their wills. Such bequests need to be directed to a special needs trust.

It may also be appropriate to collect monthly room and board from your young adult who will receive SSI and continue to live with you at home because this will establish a pattern of their paying a portion of their benefits towards monthly rent in preparation for them moving into their own housing. If you say you charge rent, you may be entitled to a larger SSI payment.

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