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Social Story for Going to Worship

By Carol Gray

Sometimes people go to worship.

Some people think going to worship is fun. Sometimes during worship I am able to sing with others. When I sing I will be sure I can hear the person next to me. That way I know I am singing at the right volume.

Sometimes I will sit next to someone I do not know. If they say, “hello” to me, it is polite to say, “hello.”

It is respectful to sit quietly while the pastor, priest, rabbi, or someone up front is speaking. There may be a lot of people. If I am asked to speak, I should speak quietly so I do not disturb other people.

How to Sit Sill During Prayer

I sit in church on Sunday. We sit in church to hear announcements and a sermon, and to sing songs. Church usually lasts about an hour.

The minister talks to me and many other people. When it is time to pray, the minister usually will say, “Let us pray.”

We bow our heads, close our eyes, and put our hands together.

When the minister is praying, I will try to be quiet and sit still. This is an intelligent thing to do.

When the minister is done praying he says, “Amen.”

Sometimes the minister does not say, “Amen.” My mom and dad will let me know we are done.

After the minister is done praying we open our eyes.

Sometimes someone other than the minister prays. I will try to act the same as when the minister is praying.

I will try to sit quietly when someone is praying.

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