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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources – Talking About COVID and Coping Tips

5 Coronavirus Coping Tips for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus – Adults can help by making sure adolescents don’t overestimate the dangers or underestimate their ability to protect themselves

Animated COVID19 explaination for people with developmental disabilities

Autism and the Coronavirus: 20 tips

Cecil County Public Schools Mental Health Awareness – Tips and Tricks for Parenting During a Crisis

Communication Rights Toolkit  – This toolkit: (1) explains your communication rights; (2) provides tips on advocating for them, and (3) has an accommodation request form you can bring to the hospital.

Coping with Stress During a Pandemic – CDC

Coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic – Autism Research Institute

Coronavirus: What Is It and What Can I Do?  — The Arc Maryland and Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council

COVID19 Community-Wide Resources

COVID-19 Fact Sheets in Plain Language – Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council

COVID-19 Information and Resources – Autism Speaks

COVID-19 Information For People With Disabilities

COVID-19 Resources (Center for Public Representation)

COVID-19 Webinar Series 2020 – the HealthMatters Program

Checklist for Preparing for COVID-19/Coronavirus

Help Your Child Feel Good about Using and Seeing Others Wearing Face Masks

Helping Your Child Wear a Face Mask – Parents’ Place of Maryland

How to Clean Your Home for Coronavirus

How to Explain a Global Health Crisis to Children with Autism

How to Help Children Manage Fears

How to help children with autism adjust during self-isolation

How to Talk About COVID-19 With People on the Autism Spectrum 

How to talk to children about the coronavirus

Living Well COVID-19 Toolkit

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

PFA Tips: Telehealth Appointments

PFA Tips: Testing for COVID-19

Plain Language Booklet – My COVID Plan

Plain-Language COVID-19/Coronavirus Emergency Plan

PPMD’s Helpful Hints for Face Masks

Support for Individuals with ASD: Coping with Family and Virtual Interactions During COVID-19

Supporting with Autism Through Uncertain Times

Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resource — National Association of School Psychologists

The Arc COVID-19 Resources for People With Disabilities, Families, and Service Providers

Thoughts from a Quarantined Autistic

We are Heroes: A Plain Language Guide about Covid-19

What Is Social Distancing?

What Military Families Need to Know About COVID-19

What to Do When Your Child on the Autism Spectrum’s Routine Is Disrupted by the Coronavirus?

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 – A plain language video

Why Social Distancing Mitigates the Spread of  COVID-19

Working from home: Developing new routines