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Identification Tools

When a loved one wanders or elopes, we want to know: If someone finds her, how will they know it’s my child/loved one? This is a sampling of the products available to identify your loved one. But no product can replace safety preparation measures. Pathfinders for Autism does not endorse any products or services.

Maryland State ID
There is no minimum age for a MD State ID. If your young adult or adult child does not have a Driver’s License, there are several reasons why your son or daughter needs a State ID: formal identification communicating who you are in case of an accident or emergency; to open a bank account; to board an airplane; some towns and cities require ID; tightened security, so many individual places are requiring ID; most jobs require ID; hospitals.

Safety Tats
SafetyTat is a temporary safety child ID tattoo that’s offered either customized with your mobile phone number or blank so you can write in your cell phone number on them. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides a visible form of child identification that stays in place even when wet.

If I Need Help
Easy free sign up and membership. Personal wearable QR Codes that immediately alert the public that “Here is a person that needs help” & how to help them. Individuals’ profiles can be accessed manually from any web browser or via scanned QR Codes. QR Codes can be read quickly by any smartphone. Available as patches, dog tags and shoe tags.

Road ID
Road ID was developed for runners, but the tracking and identification products can meet the same needs for the autism/I/DD community. Identification tools include wristbands, stainless steel dog tags, ankle bands, and shoe tags.

MedicAlert Found® – Support Services for Autism
The MedicAlert Found® program provides an additional layer of protection for the autism community by offering free enrollment, a free medical ID bracelet or necklace, a free medical ID shoe tag and free 24/7 Wandering Support Service.

The Maryland Masonic Child Identification Program
When a child participates in the program, all vital statistics are recorded.  The child is photographed and digital fingerprints are taken.  Additionally, the child is photographed and a video recording of the child speaking is made.  All of the above information is then recorded onto a CD.  A cheek swab of the child’s DNA is collected painlessly.  Everything is then sealed in an envelope and given to the parent for safekeeping.  The Freemasons retain none of the information. This service is provided free of charge by the Freemasons of Maryland.

Free Child ID Kit from the Polly Klaas Foundation
The free Fingerprint & DNA document provides all the forms you need, along with all the instructions.

Child ID Kit from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Complete this Child ID Kit by attaching a recent photograph of your child and listing all identifying and medical information.

It may not be stylish, but writing your contact information on your child’s arm with a Sharpie may be effective for your needs. When going somewhere outside like a zoo, theme park, or water park, be sure to cover the contact information with a liquid bandaid so it stays on your child all day. Skin Shield is one option.

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