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Interactive Online Workshop: When They Wander or Run Away


The statistics are frightening. 49% of children with Autism and 26.7 individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities elope (often from a safe environment), more than 1/3 cannot communicate their name, address or phone number, and 71%* of deaths related to wandering are caused by drowning. This webinar will address reasons why individuals might elope as well as safety preventive measures parents and caregivers can put into place. Some parents believe that technology is their only solution, but we will explain why parents need to address multiple aspects of elopement. We will share our Autism Safety Kits and explain how each tool can benefit families. If their child does goes missing, we will detail what information will be most beneficial to the responding police. Throughout the session, the presenters will tell personal stories and experiences as parents of eloping children and describe the impact it has on the entire family.

*The drowning statistic was updated after this webinar was recorded.

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